Agarbatti Raw Materials: Everything you should know

Agarbatti is one of the most important products that have wide-scale use and is a part of households across India. Almost every religious place, household, and commercial space uses Agarbatti for multiple reasons. A common product of day-to-day use which is created by Agarbatti manufacturers in India is something that one cannot do without. It is not merely used as an offering to the gods but also helps in creating a calming effect with its soothing fragrance. It is vastly used as a part of any religious function or to spread some refreshing aroma.

Agarbatti or ghee Diya batti makes us a traditional form of industry that has been present in our county for a long time to come. The manufacturing team of agarbatti involves a certain degree of precision and expertise with the assistance of given raw material. Their industries range from small to large scale and accordingly the production is done. They are based in multiple parts of India and supply Agarbatti to the region where they are based. The manufacturing and supply of Agarbatti is a lucrative business and fetches a good yield if done keeping in mind the quality and right kind of raw material. Agarbatti is a business that has good international demand as well and contributes to the economy of the nation. Let us see the list of raw materials that go into the making of incense sticks and as they are produced.


This is an important constituent of the Agarbatti mix and is widely used in making Agarbatti. It is vital to exercise some precautions while using it as it tends to gain moisture very frequently. When it becomes too misty, it is unable to burn effectively. Additionally, the charcoal may lose its quality if the soluble part of the charcoal is washed away. This raw material comes in high grade and is nontoxic. Due to the strict package, the quality of raw material charcoal is maintained well.

Sawdust Powder

Sawdust Powder is another crucial raw material used in the making of Agarbatti. It must be a free dormant kind of mixing & adulteration. This dust is made available per the client’s need and comes in multiple specifications. A high-quality raw material we used to make sawdust and it is available at the most reasonable prices.

The sawdust is prepared from the finest quality bamboo sticks that are a prime source of this ingredient. The files thus produced are non-toxic & high in aroma. Additionally, it helps the team of Agarbatti manufacturers in Delhi, to develop Agarbatti that is eco-friendly and comes out in perfect shape.

Bamboo sticks

Bamboo sticksare also undoubtedly a prime constituent and the Agarbatti mix as the structure of an incense stick rests on the quality of the bamboo stick. They have to be of premium quality and finish.


Agarbatti’s come in multiple shapes and sizes and fragrances. The scent that it has is extracted from the natural source in the form of flowers & plant-based fragrances. There are so many essential oils too that are used in the making process of Agarbatti. These fragrances are extracted from multiple sources and help create a wide variety of fragrances that increase the scope of Agarbatti usage and meet the demands of various clients.