A Comprehensive Guide on Mars OG Strain and Its Use

About Mars OG strain

Mars OG strain is an indica-dominant cannabis strain that produces buds with a pungent pine-like aroma and undertones of freshly churned earth and grapes. Mars OG was created by crossing the genetics of the two indicas Mars and OG, hence the name.

This strain has an average THC content of roughly 16 percent. Its high level will cause the consumer to get drowsy, hence it is recommended that the consumer does not have any vital activities to do before taking. Simultaneously, this strain will significantly boost mood, reducing racing thoughts and anxiety.

The physical benefits of complete relaxation as tension evaporates in the form of a warm, tingly sensation throughout the body will be easy to notice in this mental state. Preparing for the munchies will also enhance your appetite.When consumed improperly according to tolerance levels, negative side effects include paranoia, dizziness, and, especially, headache. This strain will almost certainly cause short-term memory loss, according to some reviewers.

Mars OG strain use

To feel the effects of Mars OG, only two tokes are required, and each subsequent toke appears to lengthen the duration of the effects. Mars OG is an excellent insomnia reliever, lulling users into a deep, restful sleep. It can also be used to ease tension and is an excellent pain reliever in general.

Information about how to grow the Mars OG strain

The Mars OG seeds have a unique growth pattern. Most home growers start their plants indoors before moving them outside for the best results. Mars OG is classified as a planetary strain by growers because of this pattern. For the most part, planetary strains rely on the natural factors outside to complete their growth cycles. In the case of Mars OG, a warm, Mediterranean-like climate is preferred.

The Medical Advantages of the Mars OG Strain

Mars OG can help with a wide range of ailments. Its powerful body buzz helps users relax and unwind, which is ideal for people suffering from panic attacks, anxiety, or tension.Sleep-related disorders, such as insomnia, may also be alleviated. Others may find it beneficial for pain relief, such as migraines, headaches, joint soreness, and sore muscles.


Mars OG has a good flavour profile as well. Many users feel a hit of acidic, tangy lemons as they inhale. With sweet, warm earth, herb, woodsy tones, and pine, users get traces of classic OG Kush flavours.

White og strain

White og strain, commonly known as “White OG Kush” and “White Kush OG,” is an indica marijuana strain created by crossing The White with SFV OG Kush at Karma Genetics. This indica strain has The White’s massive trichome coverage as well as the classic kush fragrance of earthy pine and lemon.

The White OG is an indica-dominant cross between the White Corte Croma and the well-known Rolex OG strains. The strain has all of the characteristics of traditional Kush strains. The plant grows slowly but produces a lot of dense, sticky buds. It thrives in any growing condition and produces a yield of 500 grammes per square metre in 60-65 days. When cultivated outdoors, the strain can reach a height of 3 metres.With citrus, peppery, and diesel overtones, the White OG has a robust earthy taste and scent. It has a calming and intellectual effect. It’s also appropriate for medical use.

White OG’s high can only be characterised as extremely sedative. The hefty cerebral surge blinds you after the first hit, leaving you dizzy and stoned with virtually complete lack of functionality. This powerful high is ideal for a sleep aid at the end of the day or a mental blackout that lasts all night. It’s best to consume it right before bedtime to get the full impact.

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Exotic carts cartridges use

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